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Our solutions

XcavatorX turns data into knowledge and insights. We provide a dual approach to tackling your data challenges: combining the expertise of our skilled professionals with our sophisticated software system XcavatorX, guaranteeing results over and over.


XcavatorX is more than just static software; it's a comprehensive toolset designed to get insights out of any kind of data. XcavatorX allows clients to customize their experience entirely. The clients decides what information to display on dashboards, which events should trigger alarms, and how data is visualized and analyzed, ensuring that every feature aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Our Xperts ensure that XcavatorX fits seamlessly into the clients' operations. Within a very short time frame, they adapt XcavatorX to meet the clients' specific needs, tailoring dashboards and alarm systems to provide targeted insights and alerts. 


Search, find and analyse your data with smart technology.


Smart customizable alarms that alert you


Smart Dashboards with filtering and search methods.


Our team of Xperts consists of professionals with a strong background in data analysis, software development, system integration and law enforcement. They help to design solutions and support the clients' needs, making sure the client gets the desired results and not leave the client on their own.

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