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Xplore is the analytical heart of XcavatorX. This powerful tool enables users to delve into vast amounts of data with ease. Search, analyze, and uncover insights with a system built to handle complex queries and large datasets. Xplore empowers you to make data-driven decisions swiftly, enhancing your ability to respond to business challenges with informed clarity.

Many times users need to perform ad-hoc exploration of their data. This could be an XcavatorX analyst who helps a user who just got access to a new data source and wants to spend time learning about the data before building a report off it.


Show case

We received a message from Xignal that there was a request to xcavatorx_logo.png.

We can do further analysis in XcavatorX with Xplore and Xtract. We can see that the device was used to send multiple requests.

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