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Examples of Work

All our clients require insights. Sometimes because they suspect fraud, sometimes because they want to prevent fraud or want to know what exactly happened. XcavatorX makes sure the data confesses and provides the highest level op insight possible. Our clients range from governments, law enforcement, intelligence services, NGO’s, private investigators and private sector clients. We always work on the basis of confidentiality, focus on delivering results while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. See below for a few examples of our work. For more information, please do not hesistate to contact us and we gladly discuss your own needs. 

Retail client victim
of CEO-fraud

Client got befrauded of huge sums of money by the means of changing invoices. Created insight in modus operandus, took preventive measures and installed smart alarms for prevention of future harm

trafficking NGO

Creating detailed overviews of victims and criminals including relevant identifiers and contact details for preparing cases to bring to the attention of the authorities

Housing Corporation

Housing Corporation suspected fraud from suppliers. XcavatorX analyzed 5.000 invoices and detected several hunderds of thousands of suspicious invoices, delivering the evidence for a large scale investigation 

Detective Agency 

Creating insight in modus operandi of fraudsters, creating evidence for their clients to support court cases

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